What is Pinlock on a Helmet and how does it work?

Are you currently on the lookout for the best motorcycle helmet for you but not completely aware of all the features you need in it? If yes, then you have stumbled on just the right place to learn about one of the most crucial components of any motorcycle helmet, its pin lock system.

Whether you are an occasional or avid helmet buyer, you must have come across the words ‘Pinlock ready’ or ‘Pinlock insert included’ while browsing through different products. Today, we are going to discuss exactly what this Pinlock system stands for and why it is so important in any motorcycle helmet. So, without further ado, let us get started!

What is a Pinlock visor?

One of the biggest concerns of every motorcyclist while riding in extremely cold temperatures is blurry vision. The visor of your motorcycle helmet is prone to fogging in such scenarios and known to cause numerous devastating accidents. However, with the recent advancement in technology, this problem has successfully been resolved by the use of Pinlock visor.

What is Pinlock on a Helmet?

Bought into life by the English inventor Derek Arnold, Pinlock visors are the perfect solution for foggy views. Composed using separate adhesive layers on its exterior, this visor features an efficient anti-fog lens.

They are flexible in nature and easily go underneath your helmet’s visor to produce a double-glazing effect that minimizes the temperature difference between the visor’s interior and exterior construction. This reduced difference accurately guards against fogging up your visor.

How does the anti-fog lens in Pinlock visor function?

Having stated how the Pinlock system shields your visor from fog, let us discuss how the integrated anti-fog lens works inside the helmet. Made from organic and transparent materials, the anti-fog lens is fixed between the plastic pins located on each side of the helmet visor.

What Is Pinlock on a Helmet

In addition to this, the equipped silicone edge makes sure that your lens stays sealed at all times. However, it is the fine air chamber that gives rise to the double-glazing effect in your visor. By leaving a thin slice of air between your helmet visor and Pinlock lens, the temperature difference is regulated and minimized during your ride.

This innovative construction also helps keep the temperatures on both sides tolerable so that you don’t necessarily have to open your visor when riding in incredibly chilly and humid conditions.

Shoei RF 14oo comes with a Pinlock lens you don’t need to buy it separately.

Shoei RF 14oo comes with a Pinlock lens

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