10 lightest motorcycle helmets of 2024

Helmet is the foremost important piece of equipment for every amateur and professional biker. It is responsible for protecting your head from critical damage in case of any unforeseen accident. But before you buy a motorcycle helmet, you need to consider its size and weight as well.

Generally, helmets are quite heavy and therefore inconvenient to put on. To guard against this unease, we have listed down the best and top ten lightest motorcycle helmets of 2024! Read thoroughly to find the best helmet for your motorcycle.

Our Top 4 Picks

Image Product Details   Price
AGV-K6-Helmet-1 AGV K6 Helmet Weight: 2.8 lbs
Type: Full Face
Safety Rating: DOT
Shoei-GT-Air-2-Motorcycle-Helmet Shoei GT-Air 2 Helmet Weight: 3.28 lbs
Type: Full Face
Safety Rating: DOT
Klim-Krios-Pro-Dual-Sport-Helmet Klim Krios Pro Helmet Weight: 2.86 lbs
Type: Dual Sport
Safety Rating: ECE/DOT
Scorpion-EXO-R1-Air-Full-Face-Helmet Scorpion EXO R1 Air Helmet Weight: approx 3.05 lbs
Type: Full Face
Safety Rating: DOT

What are the ten lightest motorcycle helmets?

AGV K6 Motorcycle Helmet

Weight: approx 2.8 lbs

AGV K6 lightest motorcycle helmet

First up on the list, we have the most versatile and comfortable helmet for every motorcyclist. The AGV K6 is constructed from premium standard carbon-aramid fibre and five EPS densities. This makes your helmet supremely strong and durable and increases the protection capacity by a generous 48% rate! Moreover, AGV K6 is specifically designed to reduce any impact on the collarbone.

Next, let’s talk about the ultra 190° horizontal vision provided in the AGV K6 helmet. With this, you can clearly see any corners and obstacles on the road, meanwhile the micro-lock system regulates air supply inside your helmet. Knowing what a nuisance foggy screens can be when biking at fast speeds, AGV comes with a 100% Max Vision Pinlock 120 anti-fog system.

All these features surely make AGV K6 a commendable helmet for every wearer but what exactly makes it the most comfortable choice? The answer to this lies in the water and wear proof external liner fabric of this helmet. This breathable lining removes any moisture and ensures your face is dry at all times.  Lastly, the minimal weight of only 2.7 pounds makes K6 one of the lightest motorcycle helmets out there!


  • Breathable, water and wear proof external lining fabric
  • Lightweight of 2.7 pounds and ergonomic design
  • Five large air vents and a micro-lock system for adequate ventilation
  • Premium quality carbon-aramid fibre for enhanced durability
  • Features five EPS densities and reduces impact on collarbone
  • Ultra vision of 190° horizontal field
  • Best helmet for glasses wearers


  • Continuous drizzle through top vents
  • Upper air vents are difficult to operate

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Final Words

The AGV K6 helmet is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable helmets of this year. With innovative interior and premium quality external lining, this helmet gives you the safest and comfiest biking time!

Shoei GT-Air 2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Weight: approx 3.28 lbs

Shoei GT-Air 2 Best lightest full face helmet

The latest inclusion to the reputable GT-Air series, Shoei’s GT-Air 2 is here to do everything its previous editions did but in better style. Finished in a fine edged shell design, GT-Air 2  has a compact structure and orthodox design. It contains fully hassle free to mount integrated electronic communications slots which allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones whilst riding around.

One of the most splendid features of Shoei GT-Air 2 helmet is its outstanding QSV-2 sun visor. It is designed to facilitate European standard sun goggles and coated in anti-fogging material. Moreover, the QSV-2 visor is remarkably user-friendly to slide up or down by simply controlling its lever. It also supports rapid lowering and raising speed for minimum smoke effect and clear view of the road.

Flimsy helmets are not only annoying to wear but can lead to accidents in several cases. To minimise the chance of this happening, Shoei GT-Air 2 consists of a micro ratchet chin strap closure system. Designed from top-notch quality stainless steel parts, the unique micro ratchet strap is durable and stable to secure even when wearing thick gloves!


  • Aerodynamic and sharp-edged shape with multi-piece EPS impact absorption liner
  • Constructed from elastic organic fibres for light weight
  • Glare and scratch proof advanced QSV-2 sun visor with 99% protection from UV rays
  • Upper and lower three intake and four exhaust vents for adequate ventilation and reduced fogging
  • Vents and chain strap are quite easy to use
  • Multi-layered and polyurethane comfortable cheek pads
  • No wind or road noises using chin curtains
  • Smooth, user-friendly and secure micro-ratchet chin strap closure


  • Expensive

Check Shoei GT-Air 2 Prices: RevZilla | Amazon

Final Word

The Shoei GT-Air 2 is one of the best motorcycle helmets of 2024. It has left all its users amazed with the durability, performance and comfort provided. So, if you are in doubt about spending such a huge sum on a motorcycle helmet, we assure you that every pound spent on the Shoei GT-Air 2 is definitely worth it!

Klim Krios Pro Dual Sport Lightest Motorcycle Helmet

Weight: approx 2.86 lbs

Klim Krios Pro Dual Sport lightest Motorcycle helmet

The brand Klim needs no introduction to every sportsman and their fans. They have always promised outstanding performance in their products. Another inclusion to this list comes with the supremely durable Klim Krios Pro Dual Sport Helmet. Made from full carbon fibre hand material, Klim Krios Pro has a four-ride mode versatility and is officially certified for use by ECE and DOT.

Be it for a casual stroll on the street, drifting, trail or adventure packed ride, the Krios Pro Dual Sport Helmet is ready to facilitate all your riding modes perfectly! By making use of the optimised shell resin distribution, Klim Krios Pro evenly distributes the weight on the helmet whereas the KOROYD construction accurately absorbs any harsh impacts endured.

Lastly, let’s shine some light on the visor design and features of Klim’s brilliant dual sport helmet. It has a pin-lock ready, scratch proof face shield with included photochromic lens. Moreover, the fid-lock strap closure system secures the helmet on your head and is designed to offer streamlined stability. The Klim Krios Pro does all of this without making any loud or obnoxious noises!


  • High quality carbon fibre shells for protection and aerodynamic design
  • Easily adjustable forehead and chin vents for air regulation
  • Scratch-proof polycarbonate face shield with photochromic lens
  • Features fid-lock strap closure system
  • Antimicrobial KLIMATEK lining absorbs moisture completely
  • Versatile helmet, supports trail, street, dirt and adventure modes
  • KOROYD energy absorption system for reduced impacts
  • Approved by ECE and DOT


  • Flimsy face shield and visor
  • Relatively expensive

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Final Words

If you are willing to spend a little more to guarantee safety and supervision while riding your motorbike, we recommend purchasing the Klim Krios Pro Dual Sport Helmet. With its aerodynamic style and versatility, it is definitely the best and lightest motorcycle helmet you can right now!

Scorpion EXO R1 Air Full Face Helmet

Weight: approx 3.05 lbs

Scorpion EXO R1 Air an other lightest motorcycle helmet

Do versatility and design of a helmet matter to you as much as its performance and quality? If your answer is a yes then be prepared to be left awestruck with Scorpion EXO R1 Full Face helmet. The EXO R1 is designed in variable shell sizes ranging from X-Small to 3X large fit. It also has three colourway options to choose between being matte black, pearl white and glossy black!

Next, let’s talk about the shell construction of the most versatile motorcycle helmet right now. Scorpion EXO is made from multi-layered TCT-U mixed with aramid, poly-resin fibreglass. These premium grade materials promise protection while minimising the overall weight of the helmet. The titanium double D-rings of EXO R1 advance its protection and ensure that the helmet stays securely on your head.

You can say goodbye to blurry vision forever with the superior max-vision face shield of Scorpion EXO helmet. This guarantees 95% protection against UV-A and UV-B rays while being completely scratch proof. Also, the ram-air intake aero-tuned ventilation system and its four exhaust ports dry off sweat from your face and keep you breezy during intense racing.


  • Multi-layered TCT-U face shield for minimum weight
  • Aerodynamic shape, attractive design and lightweight
  • Features titanium double D-rings for secure fit
  • Available in many sizes between X-small and 3X-large
  • Pinlock-ready max vision shield for optimal field view
  • Scratch proof and ultraviolet A and B protected face visor
  • Features four port exhaust spoiler system with ram-air intake for adequate ventilation
  • Approved by DOT and ECE
  • Available in three different and cool colours
  • Backed by five year warranty


  • Not the best choice for oval riders
  • Visor lock is difficult to use during winters

Check Scorpion EXO R1 Air Full Face Helmet Price on Amazon

Final words

If you are looking for the perfect TCT-U multi-layered helmet shield for half of its actual price, the Scorpion EXO R1 Air is your best bet. The DOT approved helmet offers variable sizes and colours to its customers and is one of the lightest motorcycle helmets to put on your head.

Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet

Weight: approx 3.57lbs

Buying Options: RevZilla | Amazon

Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet

The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS is deemed as the safest motorcycle helmet for everyone who likes to bike at lightning fast speeds. It features a ProTint photochromic adaptive face shield and anti-fog coating. With this, you can ride without worrying about dim light road conditions and blurry vision.

The multi directional impact protection system is responsible for making this helmet the safest option for professional bikers. Bell Qualifier DLX has a protective slip plane technology in its interior that protects against harsh impacts due to rotational forces. It also features integrated audio pockets to make it compatible with electronic earpieces.

Are you easily annoyed by the loud wind and road noises produced when riding on your motorbike? The Bell Qualifier DLX minimises this inconvenience with its fully padded wind collar and contoured cheek pads. Along with this, the liner of the DLX MIPS helmet is made from easily washable and dried fabric. This helps mitigate the growth of all types of bacteria and fungi within your helmet.


  • MIPS slip plane technology for minimised rotational forces and impacts
  • Easily washable anti-bacterial liner
  • Padded wind collar and contoured cheek pads for reduced noise and optimal comfort
  • ProTint photochromic adaptive face shield
  • Compatible with earpiece electronics using integrated speaker pockets
  • Reasonably priced and ECE and DOT approved
  • Backed by five year manufacturer warranty


  • No pin lock insert in the package
  • Substantial press studs are slightly uncomfortable near the forehead

Check Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet Price: Revzilla | Amazon

Final Words

Featuring the phenomenal MIPS technology, it is no wonder that the Bell Qualifier DLX is one of the safest motorcycle helmets. Although it is slightly heavier than other products in this list, the five year guaranteed durability and adaptable ProTint visor make up for it.

Shark Spartan 1.2 Carbon Helmet

Weight: approx 3.06 lbs

Buy: RevZilla

Shark Spartan 1.2 Carbon Helmet

The Shark Spartan is a big name entrusted with the responsibility of offering top quality products to its fans. Similarly, the Shark Spartan 1.2 Carbon helmet is one of the most innovative headwear equipment of 2022. Finished in a pin-lock visor with maximum vision and anti-fog system, you can surf even in humid conditions on road without worrying about unclear vision.

Moreover, the drop down sun visor reduces UV rays directly falling on your eyes and with the secure fit of a double d-ring strap, you no longer need to reposition your helmet after every few minutes. Thirdly, the ventilation of 1.2 Shark Spartan is quite commendable. Despite lacking an exhaust port vent system, Shark Spartan uses its single chin and crown vent to cool off your face and offer sufficient ventilation.

If you are one of those people who have sensitive skin which is quickly triggered by sweat and bacteria, it is important we shine some light on the lining of this helmet. The Shark Spartan 1.2 features a breathable and plush lining fabric. This makes the helmet comfortable to put on and easy to wash and get rid of any possible bacteria or fungi. Lastly, the sporty look combined with many available sizes make Shark Spartan 1.2 an incredibly appealing helmet.


  • Lightweight and top-notch fibreglass construction
  • Finished in an aerodynamic design with aggressive exterior
  • Features double d-ring strap closure for secure fit
  • Built-in drop-down sun visor for UV protection
  • Includes pin-lock visor with maximum vision and anti-fog system
  • Available in XS, SM, MD, LG, XL and 2XL sizes
  • Automatic seal shield system for rain and snow protection
  • Approved by DOT


  • Not the best at blocking wind and road noises
  • Expensive

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Final Words

If money is not a problem for you, we highly urge you to consider buying the Shark Spartan 1.2 carbon helmet. With this helmet, you will have the most comfortable yet fast riding experience and turn all heads in your direction with its sporty design. But be sure to buy ear plugs and minimise any annoying road or wind noises.

Nolan N100-5 Helmet

Weight: approx 3.8 lbs

Buying Options: RevZilla | Amazon

Nolan N100-5 Motorcycle Helmet

Making twenty years of absolute brilliance, Nolan has achieved the status of one of the most notable motorcycle helmet brands. Their flip up modular N100-5 helmet has turned the heads of many customers with its guaranteed comfort and efficiency. In line with the ECE regulations, Nolan 100 has a J(open) and P(closed) configuration chin guard design.

With the exclusive patented dual action chin guard system, Nolan ensures the helmet is easy to open, even with a single hand. It also has a secure lever release lock to guard against accidental opening while riding or crashing into other vehicles. Featuring the trademark LEXAN moulding, the visor of N100-5 is resistant towards fogging, scratches and UV rays. Additionally, the automatic activation system offers sunscreen retraction thereby maximising the visibility of your windscreen. A major concern with lightweight helmets is if they offer good strength and ventilation or not. Fortunately, the Nolan N100 checks both of this with its premium Air Booster Technology. This regulates air supply in the most critical areas whereas the removable, adjustable and washable neck roll help facilitate different riding styles.


  • Elegantly slim, refined and lightweight design
  • Lexan made scratch and UV resistant dropdown sunscreen
  • Easy to use and secure dual-action patented chin bar locking system
  • Phenomenal ventilation with exclusive AirBooster system
  • Enhanced peripheral view through ultrawide shield
  • Dual-density and micro-perforated cool and comfortable lining fabric
  • Exceeds DOT standards


  • Chin guard is not very effective

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Final Words

Loaded with the most exclusive details, it is no doubt that the Nolan N100-5 helmet is one of the best lightest AND smartest motorcycle helmets of this year. It enhances the ventilation, comfort and performance for different types of riding styles easily!

Duke Helmets Dk-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Duke Helmets Dk-120

The name Duke is sufficient enough to speak about the quality of any equipment. With years of excellence, Duke Helmets has come up with the safest, smartest and lightest motorcycle helmet for its users. DK-120 Full Face is shaped in an aerodynamic design and finished in a dark black colour. Not only does this helmet look incredible when put on, but is made from lightweight composite poly-alloy to be completely painless to use.

Duke DK-120 Full Face might look aggressive on the outside but has the most comfortable interior. It uses good quality soft liner and cheek pads to make the helmet easy to wear. Moreover, the antimicrobial nylon and odour proof quality of this lining protect you from sweating and bacterial diseases. It also features five separate ventilation points to regulate air intake inside.

Lastly, let’s review the face shield visor of Duke Helmet DK-120 Motorcycle. Shaped in compound curves and made to be fully resistant to scratches, DK-120 guards against harmful UV rays. The package includes an additional tinted visor and has been approved by DOT to meet safety standards! You can grab the right helmet size for you with the five different sizing options available in DK-120 helmets.


  • Supremely lightweight construction with attractive aerodynamic shape
  • Soft, breathable and detachable lining along with cheek pads for added comfort and easy cleaning
  • Tinted visor with scratch-proof UV protection shield
  • Easy to use and secure chin strap closure
  • Contains five added ventilation points for air supply
  • Five sizing options of S,M,L,XL and 2XL


  • Fixed face model
  • Available in only one colour

Final Words

With the lightweight composite poly-alloy construction and padded comfortable liner, Duke Helmet DK-120 is the most painless motorcycle helmet for every professional and amateur biker. But if you are looking for a relatively funky and bright helmet, continue reading to find the right match for you.

NEXX Helmets G100R Helmet

Weight: approx 2.97 lbs

NEXX Helmets G100R Helmet

Last but not the least, we have the lightest carbon motorcycle helmet ever. Nexx has always gone the extra mile to ensure extreme comfort of the cyclist. Their G100R is made from X-Matrix technology, combining multiaxial fibreglass, 3D organic fibres and special aramid fibres with carbon reinforcement. This makes up for the lightest carbon outer shell weight!

Secondly, NEXX helmets are integrated with a classic yet modern flat visor. Constructed from super strong LEXAN material, G100 has an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor. Its outstanding X-Mart dry technology is here to offer the most breathable and comfortable riding experience. With additional insulation and twice times the drying rate of normal cotton, X.G100R wicks away any present moisture on your face.

Alongside this, the interior of NEXX helmets is made from washable, removable, anti-allergic and anti-sweat material. This stylish yet minimalist helmet is sold in two different shell sizes for secure fit. For reduced wind noise, draft and a snugger fit, G100R is equipped with an effective chin wind stopper.


  • Two different shell sizes
  • Modern and retro styles
  • Stylish and lightweight finish with X-Matrix technology
  • Contains removable and hypoallergenic breathable liner
  • Unbreakable LEXAN anti-scratch and anti-fog visor
  • X-mart dry technology for sufficient ventilation
  • Effective chin deflector blocks wind and road noise
  • Secure double-D ring buckle
  • Certified by DOT standards


  • Runs a size smaller

Final Words

Comprising undefeated technological features, the NEXX G100R is as light as any motorcycle helmet can be! It provides the best of all aspects be it in terms of air supply, moisture wicking properties or noise blockage.

X-lite X-1004 Ultra N-Com Helmet

Weight: approx 3.39 lbs

X-lite X-1004 Ultra N-Com

Designed by none other than the popular brand X-lite, the X-1004 Ultra N-Com is the right choice for every biker looking for a compact yet functional helmet. Made from high carbon with three outer shell sizes, the X-Lite 1004 weighs barely 1540 grams and has an aerodynamic structure. Its included cheek pads help fit the helmet perfectly and offer comfortable riding time.

Knowing how important it is to have a wide and durable face shield, X-Lite has equipped this incredibly light helmet with an ultrawide and dual action visor mechanism. Through this, X-1004 Ultra N-Com achieves an extra wide view of the horizontal field. Additionally, the face shield features a dark tinted sun visor which grants about 400 UV protection and is completely resistant to scratches.

Thirdly, let us review the X-lite N-com helmet with regards to its ventilation and comfort. Using the high rated interior carbon fitting and additional space in the chin strap area, you are provided a stable fit with utmost comfort and ease. Moreover, the liner of this helmet is constructed from fully natural materials and removable to wash and replace again. At last, the spectacle channel preparation and extra entry near the chin offer generous ventilation.


  • High quality carbon construction with lightweight and compact design
  • Ultrawide and dual action visor with featured UV 400 sun visor protection
  • Comfortable cheek pads and carbon fitting padding
  • Fully natural and bacteriostatic removable carbon fibre liner
  • Offers considerable ventilation through extra entryway on chin
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Micro lock secure fit closure system


  • Loud wind noises
  • Visor does not seal securely and makes a whistle

Final words

Keeping in mind the stunning features and performance of X-Lite X-1004 Ultra N-Com, it wouldn’t be wrong to deem it as one of the lightest motorcycle helmets. Although it is not the best at blocking wind noise, it can be easily done using ear plugs. The superb construction and comfortable interior of this helmet make it worth your immediate attention!

Buyers Guide

Now that we have concluded our list of the top ten lightest motorcycle helmets, it is time we discuss the features that make them the best match for you. Before purchasing a helmet for your motorbike, take a look at the following factors:


The most crucial thing to look at when buying the lightest motorcycle helmet for you is its weight and construction. Light weight helmets range from anywhere between 200 to 800 grams and are easier to put on and use. They are also less likely to cause neck aches after excessive use but less resistant than heavy duty helmets against harsh impacts.

To determine the suitability of any helmet with you, decide if ease of use or impact protection is more important to you. Also, look at the materials a helmet is constructed from to estimate its durability and strength.


The sole purpose of motorcycle helmets is to protect your head from severe damage. The safety of a helmet can be checked by its DOT, ECE and SNELL certification. DOT/ECE standard guarantees that the helmet is safe and legal for use on roads and mountains. However, the SNELL certification guarantees a much higher standard of safety than DOT/ECE approval and is the most protected headwear for you.


There are a total of five helmet types available for different reasons. Choose between a full face, open face, modular, motocross and half type depending on the level of protection from impacts, UV rays and ventilation you need. The full face is the most reliable type whereas half offers minimal protection.


Finally, the last factor to consider in a motorcycle helmet is its price. Motorcycle helmets are sold at a wide price scale varying from 100 dollars up to 800 dollars. Remember to look for a helmet that has good quality and performance rather than one that spends more on a stylish exterior and popular brand name.

A common suggestion is to buy a motorcycle helmet with a price below 300 dollars as an amateur rider. This is sufficient to provide a high level of safety and comfort in any helmet. Meanwhile, specialised helmets for either uphill climbing or racing are bound to cost you at least 500 dollars for mediocre to high performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Alas, we have come to the end of our comprehensive guide about the top ten lightest motorcycle helmets and its buying guide. We hope our article helps you learn about the specifications of motorcycle helmets in detail and leads you to the right helmet for your motorcycle!

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