Best Snowboard Helmets with Bluetooth 2023

Have you recently grown to love snowboarding and skiing on peaks? Or maybe you are a skilled skier who is looking for a helmet that provides more than just safety while in use. No matter what your case is, you have stumbled upon just the right article for you.

With the advancement in technology during recent times, motorcycle helmets have also evolved to provide safety as well as entertainment while in use. This is done with the use of a Bluetooth facility that helps connect your headwear with your smartphone and thereby, stay connected with your loved ones while riding.

But how do you pick the best snowboard helmet with Bluetooth given the hundreds of options available in the market? You don’t need to worry about making this decision alone because we are here to guide you and review the top 5 helmets in this category. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started.

What are the 5 best snowboard helmets with Bluetooth?

Demon United Phantom Helmet

Key features:

  • Meets CE and ASTM safety standards.
  • Smooth and tough ABS shell construction.
  • EPS foam liner for a relaxed fit.
  • Pre-installed Brain Teaser audio system with instant set-up.

What is a better way to start this list than with the safest snowboard helmet of this decade? Successfully meeting both CE and ASTM standards, Demon United Phantom is ready to accompany you on all snow-covered mountains and slippery slopes, without comprising the safety and comfort of your head.

After conducting multiple tests and reviewing its results, Demon has chosen the smooth ABS material for the shell construction of this helmet. While its aerodynamic shell design allow you to charge at high speeds, the attractive matte colour choices promise to make you the centre of attention at all times.

Just like safety, the comfort of snowboard helmets plays a vital role in determining whether it is worth enough of your money or not. Keeping this in mind, Demon United Phantom features an EPS foam liner. This provides a snug and relaxed shell fit meanwhile the goggle strap and Demon ear pads make the helmet suitable to wear with eyeglasses.

It is significant that your helmet has an efficient ventilation system when riding in chilly conditions to prevent the accumulation of carbon monoxide inside. For this reason, Demon Phantom is equipped with multiple front and back vents. These work together with the Demon Supra to regulate air supply and offer exceptional fog protection.

Lastly, let’s talk about the Brain Teaser audio system installed in this snowboard helmet. By simply plugging in the aux cord with your smartphone, Demon Phantom is ready to make calls, play music or navigate through the GPS facility in a completely hands-free manner!

What we like:

  • Available in 5 different shell sizes and matte colors.
  • Front and back vents for adequate air supply.
  • Supports eyeglasses with goggle straps and ear pads.
  • Demon Supra design for maximum fog protection and ventilation.
  • Includes Demon Supra goggles for scratch and bump free rides.
  • Reasonably priced.

What we don’t like:

  • Headphones lack Bluetooth facility.
  • Helmet strap is short.

Final Verdict:

For the reasonable price it is sold at, Demon United Phantom helmet does an exceptional job at keeping your brain safe and entertained throughout the ride. Although it lacks Bluetooth facility, with its incredible Brain Teaser audio system, Demon United has become one of the most affordable snowboard helmets in 2023.

POC Obex Spin Communication Snow Helmet

Key Features:

  • Meets CE CLASS B and ASTM safety standards.
  • Interior size-adjustment system for ideal fit.
  • Advanced and lightweight ABS shell construction.
  • Patented-pending shearing pad inside (SPIN) technology.
  • Supports wireless Bluetooth facility.

Do you love experimenting with different riding styles of snowboarding and want a helmet that is versatile enough to suit your dreams? If yes, then look no further because POC Obex Spin snow helmet is the best match for you!

Designed to implement POC’s whole helmet approach, Obex Spin features a lightweight and durable shell constructed from advanced ABS materials. Additionally, an EPS liner helps provide comfort and optimal head security when riding uphill or downhill at fast velocities.

Do you want the safety of full-face helmets without a claustrophobic interior? To bring this dream to life, POC Obex contains integrated sliding vents at the front and back of the helmet. You can slide open or close these vents depending upon your surrounding weather conditions, without worrying about a foggy vision.

Understanding how most amateur skiers struggle to find the right helmet size for their head shape, Obex Spin has taken care of this issue as well. By using an interior size-adjustment system, any user of this helmet can find the right shell size in a few moments without needing to change its internal pads.

To keep you connected with the rest of the world even when riding on rugged terrain, Obex Spin snow helmet features award-winning communication connectivity. Including an integrated headset and mic, this helmet instantly connects with your smartphone through its wireless Bluetooth facility and keeps you engaged during the ride.

What we like:

  • EPS lining fabric with PC shell for utmost comfort.
  • Sliding front vents for easy adjustment and fog protection.
  • Includes Obex communication headset with integrated mic.
  • Offers seamless fit with POC goggles.

What we don’t like:

  • Runs a size smaller.
  • Not quite durable.

Final Verdict:

Although much cannot be said about the durability of this snow helmet, POC Obex Spin has rightfully earned its spot in this list through its reliable and seamless communication system. Introducing the advanced SPIN technology and sliding vent design, Obex Spin communication is one of the best snowboard helmets with Bluetooth.

Sena Latitude Snow Helmet

Key Features:

  • Facilitates 4-way intercom communication system with 3 other skiers.
  • Transmission range of 900 meters in open terrain.
  • Supports Bluetooth connection with smartphone.
  • Customizable settings including radio presets, intercom lists and friend groups with Sena Outdoor app.
  • Google strap secures eyeglasses in place.

How can we complete a list of the best snow helmets without mentioning the most trusted name in this category? With years of experience under its belt, Sena had emerged as one of the most professional brands for the manufacture and sale of top-quality helmets. Living up to this mark, they recently released the SX latitude snow helmet for amateur and professional skiers.

Blending together style, comfort, and head security, Sena Latitude is an outstanding snowboard helmet with a built-in microphone and speakers. With its HD Bluetooth Intercom, SX latitude supports four-way communication within a range of 900 meters in open terrain!

Do you find it difficult to control your helmet using a smartphone? If yes, then you will be pleased to hear about the Sena Outdoor mobile app which lets you configure settings as per your own preference. Start by reading the quick guide available on your homepage and following that, connect your phone, play music or listen to radio presets to make the most out of your riding experience.

Secondly, the shell of this helmet is constructed from durable ABS material which has the capability to withstand harsh winters. Knowing fully well how important padding is in snowboard helmets, Sena SX contains an EPS mesh liner and black velvet pads. These act as an insulator to trap heat within the helmet while cushioning your head during deep falls.

No matter what conditions you ride in, a sweaty interior can turn out to be a severe problem if not taken care of immediately. To keep your helmet moisture-free, dry and hygienic, Sena has equipped SX latitude with removable and washable interior pads. These are easy to clean and maintain after use.

What we like:

  • Durable and lightweight ABS shell construction for pain-free use.
  • Bluetooth operates in temperatures between -10° to -50°C.
  • Removable and washable padding for moisture-free interior.
  • Mesh EPS liner and black velvet padding for supreme comfort.

What we don’t like:

  • Sound quality lacks bass.
  • Inaccurate sizing.

Final Verdict:

Sena has once again managed to leave its customers awestruck with the brilliant SX latitude snow helmet. Featuring a generous 500 metre transmission range, user-friendly outdoor app and 4-way intercom system, Sena latitude is undoubtedly the smartest snowboard helmet with Bluetooth available right now. Just make sure to try it on before confirming your purchase.

WildHorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet

Key Features:

  • Meets ASTM, F2040, and EN1077 safety standards.
  • 25% lighter low-profile shell design.
  • Fine-tune adjustment system for instant micro-adjustments.
  • Patented adjustable temperature control ventilation system contains 13 fully adjustable vents.

Staying true to its promise of world class safety and performance, WildHorn has been serving its customers with nothing but the best for over a decade. Checking off this criterion yet again, they released the amazing Drift snowboard and ski helmet for every passionate rider.

Finished in a sleek and streamlined design and sold in multiple matte colours, the shell of WildHorn drift helmet successfully captures the attention of every fellow skier. Whereas, its relaxed fit lets you drift through snow in utmost style and comfort, rather than constantly adjusting the strap of your helmet.

Do you often lose track of time while snowboarding on uneven mountains, resulting in severe backaches and neck rolls? To rid you off this struggle, WildHorn Drift weighs barely a pound and unbelievably light to wear. Moreover, its three different shell sizes are backed by a fine tune adjustment system to facilitate micro-adjustments.

In addition to this, a FTA knob is used that offers an ergonomic and snug fit, without needing to remove your helmet. Are you tired of sweat dripping off your face after every skiing venture? If yes, then this WildHorn Snowboard Helmet is exactly what you need!
Alongside the exclusive airflow technology, WildHorn Drift helmet contains adjustable vents which are easily slid open or close depending upon your surrounding conditions and temperature inside the helmet.

Now, let’s shine some light on the meticulous interior of this helmet. Its drift is lined with a soft, ultra-plush padding which guarantees superior head comfort. Not only this, WildHorn has an insulating liner that efficiently disperses impacts during unfortunate crashes and thereby keeps your brain protected from sustaining life-threatening injuries.

Finally, this audio-ready helmet comes with removable ear pads and speaker pockets. Just pair these ear pads with your helmet-compatible Bluetooth earphones and listen to some bangers to hype you up while you shred the slopes.

What we like:

  • Attractive and sleek shell in different matte colors.
  • EPS foam and in-mold cushion for head protection during harsh landings.
  • Ultra-plush lining interior for maximum comfort and insulation.
  • Supports ski goggles and custom-fit head shapes.
  • Features audio-system compatible ear pads.

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive choice.
  • Does not come with a storage bag.

Final Verdict:

Having stated its features and drawbacks, it is evident that the WildHorn Drift snowboard and ski helmet does a remarkable job at keeping your head safe, warm, and comfortable during chilly weather. If you can afford it, then we urge you to get your hands on Wildhorn’s snow helmet because it is definitely worth every penny spent on!

Turboske Ski snowboard Helmet

Key Features:

  • 100% guaranteed top-quality shell construction.
  • Meets ASTM F-2040 safety standards.
  • Efficient integrated ventilation system with exhaust ports.
  • Size adjustment dial for a snug fit on all head sizes.

Last but in no way the least, let’s talk about the coolest all-purpose snowboard helmet of 2023. Fully complying with the USA ASTM safety standards, Turboske Ski is another noteworthy snowboard helmet for beginner and professional snowboarders.

Composed of an impact-absorbing EPS liner fused into its outer shell, Turboske has a lightweight shell that is able to withstand any impact thrown at it. Meanwhile, the equipped size adjustment dial provides a snug fit no matter how abnormally large or small your head size is.

Featuring an integrated ventilation system and fog-protected vision, TurboSke is ready to be used on slopes, snow centres, or peaks, without putting your safety at risk. To keep the interior of the helmet clean and dry during cold temperatures, this snow helmet has a removable inner fleece lining and ear pads.

Designed with audio system compatibility, the ear pads of Turboske allow you to listen to your favorite tunes while enjoying a relaxing riding journey up the hill. This snow helmet is also perfect to wear with or without beanies and eyeglasses!

What we like:

  • Suitable for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow sports.
  • Impact-absorbing EPS liner for lightweight and durable shell design.
  • Ear pads are compatible with audio systems and fog-protected glasses.
  • Premium quality removable and comfortable padding.
  • Reasonably priced.

What we don’t like:

  • Ear pads are fragile and of cheap quality.
  • Could be better in terms of insulation.

Final Verdict:

Featuring an adjustable dial and suitability with various snow sports, TurboSke Ski has rightfully been deemed as the most versatile snowboard helmet with Bluetooth. It manages to provide good safety and performance without discriminating against riders of large head sizes.

Buying Guide

Now that we have finished listing down the top 5 snowboard helmets with Bluetooth, it is time we look at the factors that have helped earn them this title. Before finalizing on any snow helmet, make sure to consider the following factors and based on them, deduce the helmet’s suitability with your preferred riding style.

Shell size:

To make sure your helmet stays stable and secure on your head even when charging at high velocities, you must consider the shell size of a snowboard helmet. Before you begin browsing through the products available in the market, measure the size of your head using a tape and look for a helmet according to that size.

A perfect helmet is not too narrow or loose when placed on top of your head. Try the snowboard helmet on and make sure it is not flimsy as this might hinder your snowboarding speed and performance, whereas an extremely tight helmet is uncomfortable to wear and leads to excessive sweating and hot spots.

Locking mechanism also helps in deducing the head security of a snow helmet. Choose between a chin strap system or buckle design depending on the ease with which you can lock and unlock the helmet without choking yourself. Additionally, an emergency release system helps unlock the strap instantly and throw impacts away from your body during accidents.

Shell construction

Generally, snowboard helmet shells are made from in-mould and injection-molded materials. You must know the benefits and drawbacks of each type before selecting between these two choices.

As the name suggests, in-molded shells utilize a single moulding technique. This connects the shell with a shock absorbing foam for superior comfort and style. In-molded helmets have a sleek finish and weigh considerably less than injection-molded helmets.

In contrast, injection molded helmets utilise an EPS foam and high-impact ABS plastic materials. By blending both these materials, these helmets offer better tensile strength, durability and resistance during crashes. But they are also heavier on your head and lead to frequent neck rolls and back aches.

Helmet type:

With more than 10 different types of helmets available in the market right now, selecting the right snow helmet is a puzzling decision to make. For snowboarding and skiing, we recommend choosing between these three helmet types:

  • Half shell: This is the most popular and recommended helmet type for snowboard and skiing helmets. Offering the right balance between head safety and comfort, a half shell helmet cover the area between your head up to your ears. They also promise a breezy, natural and comfortable noise as you move downhill.
  • Full shell: As its name states, full shell helmets leave no part of your face exposed. This helmet type is ideal for snowboarders mastering stunts or amateurs who want the highest level of safety to start their riding venture with.
  • Full face ski shells: Mainly used for biking and riding styles, full face ski shells promise to protect your jawline, face and head from deep cuts and wounds. They are also compatible with sun goggles and sometimes used for skiing and snowboarding.

Safety certificate:

The sole purpose of wearing a helmet while snowboarding, skiing, or riding is to protect your brain from fatal blows and injuries. For this reason, it is significant you verify that your selected snowboard helmet is safe to use during unfortunate incidents or not.

The two most common safety certificates are CE and ASTM. A CE label indicates that a helmet satisfies European safety standards and is legal to use in the continent. On the other hand, ASTM certificate is comparatively harder to obtain and indicates that a helmet meets the United States safety amendments.

Wired or wireless connection:

When buying a snowboard helmet with Bluetooth, you must decide whether to opt for a wired or wireless connection between your helmet and smartphone. A wired connection has significantly better audio quality and longer battery life.

Whereas, a wireless or Bluetooth connection is much easier and convenient to use. Offering hands-free and wireless connectivity, most riders prefer to go with the Bluetooth facility when riding in rugged terrain where they cannot take their hands off the steering.

Testing Review

To shortlist the best 5 snowboard helmets with Bluetooth for you, our team conducted multiple tests on these products and analysed them based on multiple factors such as innovative technology, customer reviews and other deciding superlatives. We have concluded these snow Bluetooth helmets as the best only after doing extensive research, testing and taking into account our own personal experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a ski helmet and a snowboard helmet?

There is no major difference between a ski and snowboard helmet apart from their shell aesthetic. A ski helmet functions perfectly well as a snowboard helmet and vice versa. Opt for whichever shell design you find more eye-catching.

Can you use bike helmets for snowboarding?

No, bike helmets are specifically designed for use on motorways and cannot act as a snowboard helmet. The main reason behind this is their tight fit as opposed to a much relaxed and snug fit offered by a snow helmet.

What is the best snowboard helmet?

Most skiers agree that the Smith vintage MIPS helmet is the best choice for snowboarding and skiing. Other popular choices for this include Giro ledge MIPS, Oakley, K2 route and Anon Raider 3 helmet.

What is the best snowboard helmet with Bluetooth?

Offering world-class safety, smart connectivity and innovative two-way intercom system, Snowtide smart ski is labelled as the best snowboard helmet with Bluetooth feature.


And with that being said, we have reached the end of our article about the best snowboard helmets with Bluetooth. We hope that our detailed review and buying guide will help you find the most-suited snow helmet that will take the safety, comfort, and thrill of riding on snow mountains to the next level!

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