Compare: Cardo vs Sena Bluetooth for Motorcycle Helmets

With the progression in technology during the 21st century, communication is now possible even when riding your motorcycle. For this, motorcycle helmets come with integrated intercom systems and Bluetooth facility that allow you to make phone calls, listen to music and navigate by GPS conveniently.

But which brand is the most trusted for providing high-quality Bluetooth headsets in 2022? Well, the answer to this has long been debated between the two famous and remarkable rival brands called Cardo and Sena. Today, we are here to put an end to this debate and decide the ultimate winner for the manufacture and sale of flawless motorcycle helmet communication systems.

To reach this conclusion, we are going to take a detailed look at the history, features and drawbacks associated with each name and compare the reviews of Sena users with that of Cardo customers. Therefore without further ado, let us get started.


Cardo: It has long been regarded as the earliest technological company in the motorcycle industry. Entirely based in Texas, Cardo was one of the first brands to come up with the concept of a Bluetooth headset at a time as early as 2004, called the Scala Rider. Since then, it has continued to advance its features with technologies like dynamic mesh communication intercom and rich quality JBL sound system.

Sena: In contrast, the name Sena is relatively new in the technology industry. It was initiated in early 1998 but it was not until late 2011 that they released their first ever Bluetooth headset called the SMH10 system. However, since then, Sena has rapidly learnt and integrated its devices with the most innovative features such as a 4K HD camera and unlimited rider connectivity options.

Which is better: Cardo VS Sena?

Since different features need to be taken into account to determine the best brand for Bluetooth headsets in 2022, we will be comparing the most popular products of Cardo and Sena today based on these features. These factors include:

Compatibility: CARDO

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the compatibility options offered by each brand. The compatibility of a Bluetooth headset plays a vital role in determining whether it supports your current motorcycle helmet or not.

Even though Sena supports some of the most famous motorcycle helmets such as AGV, Shoei and HJC along with providing custom cables, it still lacks behind Cardo in terms of compatibility. Every Cardo headset and pack talk is backed by universal connectivity that goes the extra mile to support all other headset brands including its rival, Sena as well.

Transmission Range: SENA

When buying a Bluetooth headset to stay connected with other riders, it is important to know the supported transmission distance of any device. Always remember that this detail is often not advertised truly and might differ from what the package states it to be depending upon the wind and your surrounding conditions.

Even though both Sena and Cardo support a distance of 5 miles for a group of riders, Sena does considerably better in terms of device range. Functioning over a distance of 1900 metres as opposed to Cardo’s 1600 metres, you and your buddy can communicate and maintain a stable connection when using Sena headsets.

Durability: CARDO

The durability of any headset refers to its resistance to water, dust and other weather conditions. Every biker has ridden their motorcycle during rain or snow at least once in their life and is worried about how long their Bluetooth headset will last. When aiming for a durable and weatherproof unit, we recommend going for a Cardo device.

This is because Cardo products are backed by an excellent IP rating and are advertised as 100% waterproof. Additionally, these units are unaffected by debris and can even be submerged in water for increasingly long periods. On the other hand, Sena headsets lack any waterproof, weatherproof or dust proof certificate and need to be powered off as soon as you encounter severe weather conditions.

Battery Life: SENA

One of the biggest fears of every motorcyclist is their intercom system running out of battery while they are in the middle of nowhere and completely reliant on the installed GPS. To prevent this from happening to you, you must check the approximate battery life of any Bluetooth headset you intend to buy.

Even though Sena and Cardo have incredibly similar battery lives, Sena still emerges as the better candidate in this regard. By utilizing innovative techniques, Sena has managed to enhance the battery life of its recent models to 14 hours on Bluetooth and 9 hours of talk time. Whereas, Cardo offers 13 hours of Bluetooth and 8 hours of network talk time to its customers.

Price: SENA

Last but not the least, let us compare Sena and Cardo based on their price point and affordability. Since both of these brands are leading names in the biking industry, it is justified that they are sold for slightly higher prices than other Bluetooth headsets. However, Sena manages to balance affordability and advanced technology better than Cardo in its products.

While Cardo follows the basic principle of the more money, the better performance, Sena headsets offer adequate functionality without being too hard on your pocket. There is also a wider collection of Sena products as compared to the limited and pricey Cardo Bluetooth headset options.

Final Verdict: Cardo or Sena?

Based on all of the features listed above, one thing can be said for sure, both Cardo and Sena are notable brands for producing premium-grade Bluetooth headsets loaded with the smartest technology in 2022. With years of experience under their belt, they have come a long way from where they started and now stand face to face with each other in terms of flawless performance and user-friendly controls.

Although the decision of choosing between Sena or Cardo mainly relies on your personal preference, riding style and surrounding conditions, our team still prefers Cardo over Sena. This is because of the durable casing of these headsets combined with the better compatibility options that make the device operational with a variety of different helmets.
However, for riders on a tight budget who are looking for a reliable, long-lasting unit, we recommend going for a Sena headset. The final call is ultimately yours to make!

Wrap Up

And with that being said, we have reached the end of our article about comparing the performance of Sena Bluetooth headsets with Cardo systems. We hope that the enlisted features help make you an informed decision that will change your riding experience for the better. Just remember that your suitability with any headset is equally important as all the other factors listed above.

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