Best Modular Helmets Under $300

As most motorcyclists already know, modular helmets offer unmatched protection and are regarded as the safest type of helmets for professional and amateur riders. But this high degree of protection often comes at an incredibly high cost.

For everyone who is on a tight budget yet still desires good quality and safety in their motorcycle helmet, you have come to the right place! We have listed down the top five modular helmets under $300 available in the market right now that provide unlimited support to practice and brush up your biking skills without injuring your head. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started.

What are the best modular helmets under $300?

HJC i90 Modular Helmet


  • Aerodynamic CAD shape and 10mm enlarged eye-port.
  • ACS features 7 intakes, 2 exhausts, and one chin bar vent.
  • Patented one-touch deploy and retract sun shield with three adjustable positions.
  • Supports 10B and 20B Bluetooth communicators in its adjustable speaker pockets.
  • Meets DOT and ECE safety standards.

First up, we have the best selling HJC i90 modular helmet suitable for motorcycling, touring and cruising on streets. Finished in light, polycarbonate composite shell structure, HJC i90 delivers unmatched safety for hours without resulting in back or neck aches.

With the hybrid full and half face design of modular helmets, riders often struggle to see clearly what lies ahead. To eliminate this problem, HJC has equipped the i90 helmet with 10mm larger eye ports along with an aerodynamic CAD design.

Secondly, let’s talk about the ventilation system of HJC’s modular helmet. Featuring seven intake vents, two exhaust vents and a chin bar across the face shield, the advanced channel ventilation system keeps your face dry and sweat-free even in hot temperatures.

In addition to regulating air supply, the chin bar vent prevents your shield from fogging, meanwhile, the patented one-touch technology makes it easy to attach the shield in three different positions or retract instantly.

Every rider who is easily annoyed by a tiny scrap of moisture on their face is super pleased to hear about HJC’s super cool moisture-wicking interior. This works together with an anti-bacterial quick-drying fabric and washable cheek pads to keep the inside of your helmet clean, hygienic, and soft!

Finally, let’s move on to the lock and strap mechanism of i90 modular helmets. Featuring an updated one-touch open and close system, the helmet is convenient to put on or take off even by amateur users. Whereas, the D-ring chin closure ensures your helmet sits securely on top of your head.


  • Lightweight polycarbonate composite shell design.
  • Comfortable interior Supercool with anti-bacterial fabric and removable cheek pads.
  • Sun-shield prevents fogging and UV rays.
  • Suitable to wear glasses under the helmet.
  • Better and enlarged 20/20 vision.


  • Takes some time to break in.
  • Slightly loud wind noise.

Final Verdict:

With a price of barely $300, HJC i90 modular helmet offers outstanding performance, comfort and vision without compromising on their safety. Although it takes some time to break in, the smart CAD design ACS system makes it one of the smartest modular helmets for its price. Check Price on Amazon

Scorpion AT950 helmet


  • Meets and exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards.
  • the 11cm tall eye port and elliptical ratchet system acts as an eye shield.
  • Integrated KwikWick II anti-bacterial interior fabric and Kwikfit cheek pads.
  • Everclear and scratch resistant drop-down sun visor.
  • Aero tuned ventilation with dual position mount, exhaust and rear vents.
  • User-friendly single lever flip-up chin bar.
  • Backed by a 5 year warranty.

With years of experience under its belt, Scorpion is one of the leading brands for safety biking equipment. However, it is their latest EXO-AT950 that has redefined the standards for every reasonably priced modular helmet.

Constructed from advanced LG polycarbonate material, the shell of AT-950 is sturdy, durable and lightweight. With its ability to withstand and minimize the effects of harsh impacts, Scorpion AT meets DOT safety standards and is available in three different shell sizes.

Keeping up with its promise of user’s comfort above everything else, Scorpion has equipped the EXO-AT950 with multiple intake, exhaust and rear vents. They work together with the aero-tuned ventilation system and act as a defroster to keep the interior cool and breezy.

Next, let’s take a look at the most distinguishing feature of modular helmets, its sun-visor. Finished in a drop down and retractable design, the shield of AT950 is made from 100% scratch and UVA/UVB proof material. Moreover, the Everclear coating helps provide an optically correct field view.

Advancing upon the field view further, Scorpion EXO has a comparatively tall 11cm eye port. This offers a wider peripheral and downward field view whereas the elliptical ratchet system ensures that your eye is protected from any dust, debris or rain drops.

By utilizing the KwikWick II anti-bacterial lining fabric and Kwikfit cheek pads, Scorpion EXO-AT950 is easy to wash, dry and maintain every once in a while. Finally, its flip-up chin bar is operated through a single user-friendly lever, making it quick and easy to raise or lower even with a single hand!


  • Lightweight and long-lasting polycarbonate composite shell.
  •  Available in three different shell sizes and colours.
  • Sun visor is easy to slide up or down and prevents entry of damaging UV radiation.
  •  Amazing energy displacement through dual density EPS.
  • Compatible with eye glass and contains speaker pockets.


  • Ventilation could be better.
  • Produces loud road noise at high speeds.

Final Verdict:

Loud road noise and moderate ventilation are a small trade-off for the remarkable safety, wide field view and user-friendly visor of the Scorpion EXO-AT950 helmet. Composed from top-notch materials and technology, Scorpion AT950 is the most durable modular helmet of 2022. Check Price on Amazon

LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet


  • Meets and exceeds ECE 22.05 safety standards.
  • Twin shield visor with quick-release system.
  • Features laser-cut foam and chin curtain.
  • Breathable, hypoallergenic and multi-density EPS liner.
  • Channelled EPS system with top and chin vents.

Next in line, we have the perfect modular helmet for amateur motorcyclists. The name Strobe needs no introduction as it has built a large fan following with its promise of integrity and quality in all safety equipment. Today we will be talking about the LS2 modular strobe helmet.

Suitable for street strolling and competitive races, LS2 strobe is available in a wide range of shell sizes between XXS to 2XL. Certified by ECE 22.05 safety standards, this modular helmet has a micrometric buckle and pin lock quick-release system to protect your face from sustaining severe injuries in case of unfortunate accidents.

With a top, chin and channelled EPS vent, LS2 strobe ensures there is adequate air supply within the helmet. This, along with the anti-bacterial and breathable liner fabric dries off any present moisture on your face and lowers the overall temperature. Furthermore, the lining fabric is made from hypoallergenic material to stop the growth of allergies produced due to heat.

Like we said before, the visor of any modular helmet plays a crucial role in determining its performance and suitability with the rider. For this reason, LS2 strobe has an optically accurate visor made from 3D polycarbonate material. This construction makes the visor resistant towards harmful UV radiation, scratches and harsh impacts.

Although LS2 strobe weighs slightly more than other modular helmets, its multi-density EPS liner guards against any kind of back aches or neck rolls. Additionally, the reinforced chin strap offers a snug and secure fit of the helmet even on large head sizes.


  • Available in sizes between XXS to 2XL and in four colours.
  • Snug and secure fit with micrometric buckle and reinforced chin strap.
  • Scratch, UV and fog resistant sun visor with optically correct field view.
  • Protects against neck rolls and has reflective safety patches.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Runs a size smaller.

Final Verdict:

Given its long list of admirable features, LS2 Strobe can rightly be deemed as the most user-friendly modular helmet for a price as low as $300. It attains the perfect balance between comfort and safety, thereby making it the best helmet to start your motorcycling journey with! Check Price on Amazon

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet


  • Meets and exceeds DOT safety standards.
  • Chin guard system easily switches between full face and flip-up helmet.
  • Integrated Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and intercom function.
  • Built-in speaker and noise cancellation microphones.
  • Chin and crown vents enhance air supply on a single click.
  • Rechargeable battery with 12 hours talk time.
  • Quick release system for easy taking on or off process.

At first glance, most of you might find it unbelievable to get a modular helmet with Bluetooth connectivity for a price as low as $300. But ILM has made this dream come to life with its latest Bluetooth integrated helmet! Constructed from top quality ABS material, ILM helmet’s shell withstands all impacts thrown at it and meets DOT safety standards.

Does your preference between full and half face helmet type changes on a regular basis? If yes, then you no longer need to choose between either of them because an ILM modular helmet offers you the best of both worlds! Featuring an innovative chin guard system, your full-face helmet becomes a flip-up one in a few seconds.

Additionally, the removable and replaceable chin curtain helps shield your face from rain, dust or cold while riding in extreme temperatures. Similar to this, the ILM Bluetooth helmet has removable and washable multi-density liners for the top of your head and ear, delivering optimal comfort and cushioning.

Knowing fully well how frustrating sweat can be amidst intense motorcycling, ILM has equipped this helmet with a smart one touch control ventilation system. Just press a single button and watch the surface and crown vents automatically increase the intensity of air flow directed towards your face.

Finally, it’s about time we talk about the feature that makes ILM modular helmets stand out amongst other products. Designed to support Bluetooth 3.0 technology, ILM helmet lets you stay connected with your friends and family even when on the roads. It has a user-friendly one touch option to dial, answer or reject calls, listen to music, radio or GPS navigation audio.

The biggest problem that motorcyclists face when calling and riding at the same time is the degraded audio quality on both sides. To resolve this issue, ILM has integrated noise-cancelling microphones and speakers that boost audio quality and block out annoying road noises.


  • Features removable and washable multi-density liners.
  • The Bluetooth feature lets you make calls, play music, FM radio or navigate by a single click.
  • Chin curtain and drop-down sun visor shield face from sunlight, wind and rain.
  • Built-in stereo and noise suppression technology for good audio quality.


  • Visor fogs up in hot temperatures.
  • Flimsy charging port for the Bluetooth battery.

Final Verdict:

Despite its minor drawbacks, the ILM Bluetooth integrated modular helmet has managed to leave its users in complete awe of its performance. Offering advanced features for an affordable rate, ILM Bluetooth is one of the best modular helmets under $300.

Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet


  • Meets DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards.
  • Modular design with retractable sun visor.
  • Jog-dial control for features like adjusting volume or answering phone calls.
  • Supports HD intercom mode and Bluetooth 3.0 connection.
  • Rechargeable battery with 15 hours of talk time.

Last but definitely not the least, we have another spectacular Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmet for our readers. The Sena outrush modular helmet is designed to take your motorcycling, scooting, touring and moto vlogging capabilities to the next level.

Sena has always prioritized the comfort of their customers above everything else. Staying true to its promise, this modular motorcycle helmet has a lightweight of barely four pounds. This prevents your neck from aching after long term use meanwhile the durable shell absorbs harsh impacts in case of unfortunate incidents.

Alongside this, Sena Outrush contains a retractable sun visor which shields your eyes from excessive light and dangerous UV radiation. On the other hand, the equipped multi-density EPS liner offers a high level of comfort and gives the helmet a snug fit.

Are you sick of your face stinking of sweat after an intense racing match and ultimately causing irritation on your skin? Well, you can say goodbye to this inconvenience forever with the efficient three-way ventilation system of Sena Outrush helmet. This increases the air supply within the helmet by a huge degree and keeps your face cool, dry and fresh.

Now, let’s talk of the most adored feature of this Modular Helmet. Like its name clearly states, Sena Outrush comes with Bluetooth connectivity.   Using this feature, you can instantly connect the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth and jam to your favourite songs, listen to news or answer phone calls without stopping your excursion.

Lastly, the intercom communication system allows you to converse with fellow riders and competitors while surfing on the streets. You can share your location, the scenic view ahead of you or just chat about your everyday life while commuting from one place to another!


  • Very light weight of 3.8 pounds.
  • Features a three way ventilation system for adequate air supply.
  • Multi-density EPS liner for efficient impact absorption.
  • UV and scratch resistant sun visor.
  • Suitable for playing music, talking, listening to radio and GPS navigation.


  • Poor audio quality due to loud wind noise.
  • Relatively expensive

Final Verdict:

If you want a modular motorcycle helmet for just casual strolls or moto-vlogging, then we urge you to invest in the Sena Outrush Bluetooth helmet. Although it has poor audio quality, with features like the HD intercom mode and jog-dial control, Sena Outrush is rightly deemed as the best modular helmet of 2022!

Buying Guide

Now that we have finished reviewing the top five best modular helmets under $300, it is time we look at some important factors that play a pivotal role in determining the worth of any motorcycle helmet.

Helmet Type

There are multiple helmet types available for a variety of different uses. The most popular ones include full-face, half-face and modular helmets.  For guaranteed safety and protection in case of accidents, always aim for full-face helmets.

On the other hand, half or dual sport helmets are good for surfing on streets in style. They only cover half of your face so are less safe than full-face or modular helmets.

Thirdly, modular helmets are a hybrid combination of full and half face helmets. They come with a drop-down visor that covers your face and shields your eyes from rain or sun rays. Choose between these helmet types based upon your own preference and riding style.

Safety Certification

The sole purpose of every motorcycle helmet is to protect your brain from severe injuries. To determine the safety level of any helmet, look for a DOT, ECE or SNELL certificate. ECE and DOT standards assure that the helmet is safe and authorized for use on peaks and roads. However, the SNELL certification guarantees a much elevated safety standard is the most protected headwear currently available.

Shell design

Another important feature in every motorcycle helmet is its shell weight and design. Lightweight helmets are the ideal choice for cruiser motorcyclists because of their nominal danger levels.

They are easy to put on and use but offer less resistance against rough impacts. To determine the appropriateness of any helmet, conclude if you prioritize ease of use above safety or the other way around. 


At last, the conclusive factor when planning to buy a modular motorcycle helmet is its price. Since helmets are sold at a wide price scale, remember to pick a product that offers a compromise between durable structure, safety and comfort without being too harsh on your pocket.

How do we test our products?

To select the best five modular motorcycle helmets under $300, we have done extensive research on each of the product’s specifications, taken them for a trial run and then reviewed them after taking into account the customer reviews, superlatives, prices and our own personal experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which modular motorcycle helmet is the best overall?

Although the answer to this depends on your own personal preference and style, most users agree that X-Lite X-1005 Ultra carbon is the best modular helmet. Other top choices were HJC RPHA 90 S carbon and AGV Sportmodular motorcycle helmet.

Which modular motorcycle helmet is the most comfortable?

The most comfortable helmets are not only quiet but perfect and pain-free to wear for long hours. A general consensus shows that Shoei RF-1200, Schuberth C4 Pro and Arai Signet-X are rated as the top three most comfortable modular helmets.

Are modular helmets less safe?

No, modular helmets have a sturdy shell design and drop-down sun visor that offer good safety. Although they are nowhere near the safety levels of full-face helmets, they still grant considerable protection in case of accidents.

Are modular helmets more noisy?

The answer to this varies depending on what type you compare them with. Modular helmets are noisier than full-face helmets but quieter than half-face ones. They cover your chin area and thereby lower road noise as opposed to the completely exposed design of half-face helmets.


With that being said, we have reached the end of our elaborative article about the best modular motorcycle helmets under $300. We hope our detailed reviews, buying guide and FAQ help you make an informed decision that will boost your motorcycling abilities in no time and make your ventures more exciting and fun!

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