Best Beanie Motorcycle Helmets 2023

Whether you are a professional or amateur biker, safety equipment is essential for everyone learning the dangerous sport of motorcycling. The most important gear you need while biking is a safety helmet to protect your head from severe injuries and fatal blows.

There are different types of motorcycle helmets available in the market But some people like to travel with beanie motorcycle helmets. Therefore, today we have listed down the top four beanie motorcycle helmets that outdo all other helmets in terms of safety, style, and comfort! Without further ado, let’s get started!

What are the best beanie motorcycle helmets?

Daytona Half Skull Cap Motorcycle Helmet

First and foremost, we have the most popular beanie helmet for every professional motorcyclist. With Daytona’s promise of designing every helmet after extensive research and testing, the new half skull cap motorcycle helmet offers remarkable safety and performance to its users.

Available in four different shell sizes, this half skull safety gear is suitable for casual cruisers, scooters and mopeds in addition to skilled motorcyclists. Along with this, the helmet is morphed in a contoured shape to give it a sleek and stylish design.

Do you, like many other riders, want to cruise at lightning fast speeds but are afraid of your helmet lifting and falling off your head? The Daytona half cup helmet has solved this problem with its contoured shape that prevents lifting effect even at high speeds and doesn’t cut into your neck every time you bend!

As opposed to heavy-duty helmets that add extra strain on your shoulders, the Daytona beanie helmet is finished in a super light weight design. But don’t undermine its safety just because of its pain-free shell construction because this half skull helmet successfully meets the DOT safety standards.

Hot and sweaty helmet interiors not only lead to severe discomfort but even result in accidents at times. To prevent this from happening, Daytona has equipped their beanie helmet with a moisture-wicking interior liner. This fabric absorbs sweat from your face and keeps the inside of your helmet dry and cool even at high temperatures.

Lastly, let’s talk about the locking mechanism of Daytona’s half skull safety gear. Equipped with the Y-strap lock retention system, this helmet is easy to put on or take off within a few seconds. Meanwhile, the sliding adjuster lets you position the helmet securely on your head.


  • Low-profile skull cap in a contoured shape.
  • Exceeds DOT safety standards and contains no visor.
  • Available in four different shell sizes.
  • Moisture-wicking expanded polystyrene interior fabric.
  • Y-strap lock retention and sliding adjuster for quick-release.


  • Lightweight and contoured design.
  • No lifting effect at high speeds.
  • Suitable for sport bike, cruising, scooters and moped.
  • Offered in different shell sizes, designs and colours.
  • Backed by 90 days return and exchange warranty.


  • Shell size runs too big.

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Final Verdict:

Blending safety, comfort and style together, Daytona half skull cap is rightly deemed as the best overall beanie helmet for motorcyclists. Just remember that it’s sizing is not accurate and only purchase a helmet after trying it on beforehand to make the most out of your adventurous strolls and cruises.

WCL Beanie Motorcycle Half Helmet

One of the biggest turn-offs in any motorcycle helmet is when it gives you a mushroom head finished look. However, the sleek and classic design of WCL beanie motorcycle helmets deliver optimal head protection while making you look super cool on streets!

Sold in different shell sizes, the WCL beanie helmets have a short break in time. After this duration, your helmet completely moulds on your head and promises a snug and secure fit. This motorcycle helmet weighs barely one pound, making it painless to wear even after long intervals.

Have you ever ordered a helmet of the wrong size from a company with no return policy and watched your money go down the drain? If yes, then you will be highly pleased to hear about WCL’s easy exchange policy. They allow you to exchange your beanie half helmet for a different size if the initial one feels a little too tight or loose on your head.

As most of you must already know, the safest motorcycle helmets always meet and exceed DOT standards. Same is the case with the WCL motorcycle half helmet that is DOT FMVSS certified!

In addition to this, the shell is constructed from durable ABS material backed by a dense foam that absorbs harsh impacts in case of unforeseen accidents, cushions your fall and protects you from severe long-lasting injuries.

Many amateur riders find it difficult to put on and secure the helmet on top of your head. However, this has become super easy with the red quick release system of WCL beanie helmet. By making use of this mechanism, you can take off or put on your helmet in just a few seconds!


  • Available in four different shell sizes and seven shell designs.
  • Meets and exceeds DOT safety standards.
  • Strong ABS shell is backed by a dense foam.
  • Red quick release lock system.
  • Easy exchange policy in case of wrong sizing.


  • Small, classic and attractive design.
  • Light weight of 0.5 kg protects you from neck and shoulder strains.
  • Offers a snug and comfortable fit after break in period.
  • Quick and easy to put on or take off.
  • Protects your head from severe injuries during accidents.


  • Quite expensive.

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Final Verdict:

We admit that the WCL beanie half helmet is worth much more than other motorcycle helmets but with its ABS shell protection and secure fit, it is worth every penny spent on. Whether it is because of its classic style, easy exchange policy or light weight, WCL half helmet is undoubtedly the safest beanie motorcycle helmet of 2022!

SOA Beanie Novelty Skull Cap

SOA Beanie Novelty Skull Cap

Do you value style and comfort above every other aspect of a motorcycle helmet? Or perhaps, you are looking for a novelty beanie helmet for just casual strolls and light cruising around the streets? Whatever the case, we promise that the SOA beanie skull cap is the most suited helmet for you right now.

Suitable for cruising and motorcycling, Dream Apparel’s latest SOA skull cap is designed to deliver an unmatchable level of comfort. Featuring a padded interior liner, this helmet keeps your head protected and snug even during intense riding.

Moving on, the shell of the SOA beanie skull cap is made from fiberglass material. Although this construction helps provide a strong and sturdy exterior, remember that SOA is a novelty helmet and does not meet the DOT safety standards.

Instead, this motorcycle helmet has a cheap, lightweight body that keeps your neck, back and shoulders free from aches even after being worn for increasingly long periods. Finally, the adjustable quick release lock system eases the process of getting in or out of the helmet.


  • Beanie novelty skull cap helmet.
  • Shell is made from carbon fiberglass material.
  • Interior features a padded lining fabric.
  • Quick-release adjustable lock strap.
  • Suitable for motorcycling, cruising and scooting.


  • Lightweight design protects from strains.
  • Helmets are easy to get into and take off.
  • Comfortable padded interior.
  • Sold at an affordable rate.


  • Adjustment strap is of low quality and breaks apart easily.
  • Not approved by DOT safety standards.
  • Runs a size smaller.

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Final Verdict:

SOA beanie novelty skull cap is the ideal product for everyone planning to stay low on the roads and only buying safety gear to escape police tickets. Despite its low quality and inaccurate sizing, SOA novelty skull offers commendable performance and is one of the most affordable beanie motorcycle helmets available in the market right now.

VCOROS Motorcycle Half Helmet

If you are an avid motorcyclist, then you must have come across the name VCOROS many times. With over five years of experience under its belt, VCOROS has become one of the leading brands for providing safety gear and gadgets.

Living up to its reputation, VCOROS motorcycle half helmet is made to cater the needs of bikers of all skill levels. This unisex half helmet is suitable for scooters, moped, cruiser, ATV, UTV, touring and other street bikes in addition to motorcycles.

Many bikers often struggle to find the right shell size in their helmet. VCOROS successfully solves this problem with the innovative custom fit dial adjuster design. By making use of this technology, you can find the perfect custom fit shell size and select between the six available sizes.

Now, let’s move onto the shell construction of this beanie helmet. With a weight of barely three pounds and padded interior fabric, you can wear the VCOROS helmet for as long as you want to without worrying about any kind of strains on your neck.

Moreover, the shell is made from top-notch quality ABS material and approved by DOT for all types of outdoor sports. To dry off any present moisture on your face and keep the inside of your helmet cool, VCOROS is equipped with a high density EPS liner with smart wick-dri system.

Last but not the least, let’s talk about the visor of VCOROS helmet. With its removable and replaceable design, the sun visor offers an optically accurate vision and is built from good quality materials. Furthermore, the drop down sunshield is easy to adjust and protects you from harmful UV rays, raindrops and flies.


  • High quality ABS shell.
  • Meets and exceeds DOT safety standards for outdoor sports.
  • Suitable for motorcycle, scooter, moped, cruiser and street bike.
  • Advanced custom fit dial adjuster.
  • Optically accurate sun visor is removable and drop down in nature.
  • Quick release chin strap lock system.
  • High density EPS liner with wick-dri technology.
  • Unisex and available in six shell sizes.


  • Light weight of 2.4 pounds for pain-less use.
  • Sun visor shields eyes from UV rays and rain drops.
  • Half face design offers amazing ventilation and cooling effects.
  • Easy to find the perfect custom fit shell with a new custom dial.
  • Easy and quick to put on and take off.
  • Available in 12 different colours and cool designs.
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty.


  • Road noise is not blocked out.
  • Helmet easily slips off at high speeds.

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Final Verdict:

If you can bear a little noise in return for exceptional safety and style, we urge you to buy the VCOROS motorcycle half helmet. From its attractive exterior to smart custom dial and wick-dri technology, VCOROS helmet takes your motorcycling capability to the next level and is the smartest beanie motorcycle helmet of 2022/2023!

Buying Guide

Now that we have finished listing down the highest rated beanie motorcycle helmets of 2022/2023, it is time we look at the features that make them the best at this category.

Safety Rating

The first and foremost feature that you need to consider in any motorcycle helmet is its safety rating. Depending on the type and skill of your motorcycling, you can choose between a novelty, DOT, ECE and Snell certification.

If you are buying a helmet to escape police tickets and only using it for casual strolls, you can aim for a novelty helmet with no safety rating. Whereas, a DOT and Snell certificate proves that a helmet is safe for risky outdoor sports. Lastly, an ECE approval is the highest safety standard that any helmet can achieve.

Helmet Style

Motorcycle helmets are available in multiple styles. The most popular types are full-face, open face and beanie style helmets. As its name states, full face helmets provide complete protection and coverage of your face. These are the safest type of helmets and often include a plastic drop-down visor.

Open or half face helmets only cover the back of your head and neck area. With the mouth and chin left completely open, these helmets are the most ventilated options and ideal for cruising at high speeds.

Last, we have the beanie or skull cap helmet style. These barely cover the back of your neck and leave most part of your face exposed. Choose between these three styles based on your personal preference, riding style and safety level you demand from the helmet.

Shell Design

The shell design is another significant step in determining the worth of any motorcycle helmet. The exterior body of your helmet must be made from high quality material like polycarbonate or fiberglass to sustain the impact of harsh falls.

But as important as it is to look for a durable shell construction, you must consider the weight of the helmet as well. Remember that heavy-duty shells lead to pain in your neck and shoulders if worn for slightly long periods. Look for a helmet that offers the perfect balance between quality and comfort.

Lock system

The locking system of a motorcycle helmet might not look important at first but plays a crucial role in determining its suitability with high speed street bikes. Your helmet must sit securely, on top of your head at all times and never slip or fall off in the middle of the journey.

To make this possible, you should always aim for the smart quick release lock system. This not only secures your helmet but makes it easy and fast to take on or off your head. High-quality chin straps and buckle systems also prevent the helmet from slipping off your head in case of accidents.

How to test the best beanie motorcycle helmet?

We have tested all the products in this article according to the features listed above to determine their durability, safety, comfort, and style. Apart from this, we have taken these motorcycle helmets for a trial run and reviewed them after taking into consideration the views of multiple experts, users, and our own personal experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best overall beanie motorcycle helmet?

The answer to this varies depending upon your own personal preference but most users agree that Daytona helmets are the best overall beanie motorcycle safety gear.

What is the most comfortable beanie motorcycle helmet?

Equipped with a padded interior, well ventilation, and lightweight shell design, the SOA bullet novelty helmet is the most comfortable beanie motorcycle helmet.

Which brand of helmet is the safest?

AGV is the most trusted name for delivering out-class and safe motorcycle helmets. Other popular names include Shoei, Shark, HJC, and Arai helmets.

Do motorcycle helmets expire?

Yes, motorcycle helmets have a limited lifetime. They normally last for 5 to 7 years before the quality of their materials including resin starts degrading due to wear and tear impacts.


And with that being said, we have reached the end of our article about the best beanie motorcycle helmets of 2022. We hope that our guide helps you find the perfect motorcycle helmet with which you can enhance the safety, durability and performance of your motorcycling in no time!

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