Get back whips on a Motorcycle

Whether you are new to the sport of riding or have been mastering this art for years, you must have come across get-back whips on various motorcycles every once in a while without even recognizing them. Still, think the name doesn’t ring a bell in your head? Well, then, allow us to tell you in detail about the history, installation, and use of get-back whips on motorcycles.

What are get-back whips?

Since the early 1970s, get-back whips have been considered to be an essential piece of safety biking equipment for amateur and professional racers. These refer to the braided whips that hang from your motorcycle’s handlebar, clutch lever, or brake, adding to the rider’s style and visibility on the road.

Origination history

Before we begin categorizing the different types and uses of get-back whips in the present day, we must shine some light on their origination history. Initially, these safety tails were released to communicate between riders and drivers on the road and make their presence known to every passerby.

Unfortunately, as time passed, get-back whips became more of a show of power than about the safety of the rider. These were used to indicate someone’s association with infamous motorcycle clubs and sometimes even swung around to act as weapons during aggressive riots between rival gangs.

Types of get-back whips

Multiple types of material are used for back whips with different advantages and drawbacks. However, the most popular choices in this category include leather, nylon, and chain whips. Firstly, let us talk about braided leather whips. Made from premium grade leather, these chains are available in multiple attractive colors and are durable to use for long periods.

Secondly, nylon whips are much lighter than the leather type and less resistant to wear and tear. However, their affordable price and easy storage make them suitable for amateur riders. Thirdly, chain whips offer added protection in return for confusing installation and storage.

Purpose in present day

Even though the start of get-back whips was not as smooth as its manufacturers expected it to be, it has evolved to be something every rider and driver can benefit from with time. At present, these whips speak about the style and confidence of their wearer and occasionally represent their motorcycle club in an entirely non-violent way.

In addition, the tail of these whips extends as far as the bottom of your bike to make it visible even in dim lightning. This dramatically boosts the rider’s safety and lowers the chances of cars crashing straight into motorcycles.

They also serve as self-defense weapons when encountering stalkers in suspicious areas. Additionally, motorcycle whips are also used to pay tribute to the memory of a late close family member or friend.

Installation and storage

Having talked about its use in our daily life, it is time we move on to the mounting process of getting back whips on your motorcycle. Remember that there are numerous ways to do this, and you must go along with the method you find the most convenient for your desired motorcycle.

Mounting brackets, magnets, and Velcro mount motorcycle whips worldwide. In the case of mounting brackets, it is mandatory to firmly secure these whips to your bike frame to avoid vibrations during the journey. As for the mounting brackets, purchase a whip that is most suitable for your bike and leaves adequate space between the lash and other bike components.

Once you have installed these whips on your bike and toured around for a while, the next step is to store them in a protected area. Motorcycle chains often include a storage case for easy portability when traveling between places. While braided leather and nylon whips are best stored in these cases, chain whips take up a lot of space and are best kept in secluded areas.

Buying Guide

Are you intrigued after reading about the significance of getting back whips on motorcycles and planning to buy one for yourself? If yes, before investing in any motorcycle whip, consider the following factors, and based on that, deduce the compatibility of your selected whip with your motorcycle.

  • Riding Style: do you plan to use your bike for more on-road or rugged off-road riding?
  • Whip length- how long or short do you want the whip to be, depending upon the level of safety you require?
  • Whip weight- is your whip light enough to take on different journeys with you or heavier for extra protection?
  • Riding environment: do you generally ride during the day or night, and are your surrounding conditions dry or wet?
  • Price- is the whip under your defined budget without compromising its safety or style?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycle whips illegal?

There is no definitive answer to this question because different states in the United States of America have other laws regarding get-back whips. For example, while some condemn it altogether, states such as Texas and California allow you to hang these on your bike as long as they are shorter than 12 and 18 inches, respectively.

How long should my get-back whip be?

Since these back whips are used as decorative items and fall right behind your motorcycle, we recommend going for a length between 24 to 48 inches long.

What is the best type of motorcycle whip?

While the answer to this depends upon your budget and preference, most riders claim leather braided whips to be the best in all aspects. They are durable and safe to use despite being slightly pricey. In comparison, nylon and polyester whips are cheaper but lack durability and safety.

What are the best get-back whips in 2022?

Based on their prices, style, portability, and other pivotal factors, a consensus states that All Black 36″ Naked Genuine leather is the best get-back whip in 2022. Other runner-ups include the Biker Whip 42″, Dream Motorcycle BLK braided, and Thick Biker 40″ leather get back motorcycle whip.

Wrap up

And with that being said, we have reached the end of our informative article about getting back whips on motorcycles in 2022. We hope that at this stage, you have learned all there is to know about motorcycle whips, along with developing a sudden liking for these stylish, safe, and confident pieces of safety equipment. Until then, we wish all of you a thrilling and safe riding experience!

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