The story behind the bell on a motorcycle

Suppose you are a conventional motorcyclist with a deep-rooted connection to motorcycles. In that case, you must have heard about the tales associated with having bells on your motorcycles. Even if not, you don’t need to worry about missing out on this theory because we have got you covered. Today, we will discuss the need for bells on motorcycles and the supposed benefits they bring to the rider

Therefore, without further ado, let us delve deeper into today’s controversial yet exciting topic; why are there little bells on motorcycles, and what are they called?

Introduction to Motorcycle Bells

Made from a mixture of copper and antimony alloy, the little bells hung on motorcycles take up different names and forms worldwide. They are most commonly referred to as Guardian bells or, in some places, called Gremlin and Spirit bells. As its name suggests, guardian bells are used as a good luck charm and protection from evil spirits wandering around the roads.

They have been around since the early 50s and are significant in the motorcycle industry. Before discussing in detail the rules and process to obtain these spirit bells by any rider, let us share some popular stories that speak about the promised protection from hazards using this jingle.

History of Gremlin Bells

Although many tales are associated with the use of Gremlin bells on motorbikes, the most popular one remains that of World War II’s fighter pilots. During the gruesome war, pilots had to stay alert and ready to fly at any time of the day to combat the rival side. For this reason, they had to avoid sleeping and hallucinating due to the terror-stricken faces they had seen during the war.

To do this, many pilots consumed addicting substances. In contrast, others resorted to the sound of ringing bells to keep them focused and awake. Even in those days, these bells were called Gremlin bells since they kept the horrific hallucinations away from the fighter’s minds. Once the war was over and these pilots returned to their everyday lives, they eventually began to miss the thrill of flying a plane.

As an alternative to flying, many pilots started riding motorcycles as their new pastime. They hung the same Gremlin bells they bought back home from war and continued to think of them as a charm against evil spirits even when riding on the road. Hence, the tradition continued with bikers passing down their own Guardian bells to close friends and family as a token of love and protection.

Uses of Guardian Bells

Guardian bells are inherited from ancestors after their death or gifted to a loved family member or friend during their lowest time. This is done to guard away wicked energies that might be following the rider around. Also, professional riders often use them as decorative items in their house to remember their biking heritage.

Customary Conditions

Having previously stated the great value of Gremlin bells for every biker, it is time we talk about the rules and regulations associated with passing down these good luck charms to one another. The critical detail here is to remember that Guardian bells work best when handed over from one person to another instead of purchasing them from a gift shop.

Specific riders have the privilege of inheriting these good luck bells directly from their ancestors who served in World War II, holding maximum strength against unknown evil powers. In contrast, if someone steals this bell from another rider, the spirits caged inside the bell are unleashed on the thief instead, and they put him through immense torture.

Although Guardian bells are mainly responsible for preventing serious incidents on the road, the giver’s intention also plays a vital role in determining the good luck it brings to the wearer. These bells work the best when passed on by someone essential to you, with the sole intention of keeping you safe at all hours.

If you plan to sell your bike or replace it with a newer one, take this charm off beforehand, or its protection will wear off.

Hanging Position

Once you have obtained a guardian bell out of the pure goodwill and generosity of the giver, the next step is to hang it on your motorbike. Even though there is no set area to hang this bell on, we suggest aiming for the bottom part of your motorbike. This is done because mischievous souls are said to reside near the ground; meanwhile, the front tire wards them off. Wherever you place these Gremlin bells, ensure they are visible to you and don’t fall off halfway during the ride.

Wrap Up

We cannot directly pinpoint the exact time or location of the origination of motorcycle bells or how reliable they are at keeping evil energies away from the rider. Still, one thing is confirmed, these Guardian bells are of immense importance to every skilled and amateur biker and continue to be seen as a gesture of love in the biking community.

Therefore, if you are lucky enough to possess this gremlin bell, make sure to make the most out of it wherever you go!

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